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Chemical Technician
Laboratory Assistant

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, completed by a 1st year of master’s degree, my work experience and my education has given me strong skills in chemical analysis.

I currently look for a job as a laboratory technician.

> 2005 I did a training period within a university laboratory in Germany, whose subject was about testing HPLC columns, concluded by a oral defense in english.

> 2008 I worked as a R&D technician at the Institut des matériaux Jean Rouxel in Nantes, on carbone nanotubes/biopolymers complexes.This experience allowed me to improve my pratice of the Bibliographic search, the organic synthesis, and the Raman spectroscopy.

> 2014 I worked as a laboratory technician within 2 industrial laboratories, that enabled me to confirm my professional skills and acquire good laboratory pratice.

My rigour as well as my analysis and synthesis ability confering an interesting profile upon me, i am at your disposal for an interview regarding a job as a laboratory technician, a chemical technician, or a laboratory assistant.

François Audic